Fortnite after the collapse: Epic Games will add a new map, water transport and rescue fighters (updated)

Updated: Epic Games officially announced the second chapter.

Fortnite will no longer be the same. Last weekend

Epic Games has a grand endingseason, at the end of which a black hole sucked the map and the whole world of the game. In addition, the social networks of the project are dressed in black and do not publish news about the game. Nevertheless, there were people on the Web who “dug up” the trailer for the new season, learning what awaits the players this time.

What to expect

The update will be a new chapter for Fortnite. The developers nicknamed the new update - Chapter 2 Season 1. If you believe the fused video, then the maximum level of the military pass will be raised from 100 to 127.

Of the gameplay innovations "lit up"motor boats, cutting through which you can arrange battles. Players will also learn to dive from a height in the water and even swim. The video also showed how the character carries a wounded soldier. Perhaps in team battles, players will be able to pick up team members, take them to a safe place and resurrect them there.

As for the map, it will change again. Judging by the trailer, more water will appear on the locations, on which players can move around the island. In addition, a map appeared on the Web, which may be fake, but some of the locations shown on it coincide with the indicated places in the trailer. Moreover, they published it before the draining of the trailer. The new map also appeared on the Fortnite page in the Italian App Store, which a Reddit user noticed.