Fossilized dinosaur bones of unknown species found in southwestern China

Chinese paleontologists have discovered fossilized bones of an unknown dinosaur in the southwest of China, which

lived during the Jurassic period - about 200-150 million years ago. It is reported that its length reached approximately 1.7 m.

Determine the age of the dinosaur helpedhistological analysis. Having studied the shape of his teeth, experts came to the conclusion that he was a herbivore and ate ferns and needles. It is worth noting that scientists could not attribute it to the previously known species.

However, they found that fossilizedthe remains belonged to a dinosaur from the group of sauropods. Recall that sauropods or sauropods are a large group of four-legged herbivorous dinosaurs from the order of lizard-like dinosaurs that lived from the end of the Triassic to the Cretaceous periods on all continents, including Antarctica. Sauropods have about 130 species, up to 13 families, about 70 genera.

Photo: Courtesy of Yunnan University Center for Evolutionary Vertebrate Biology.
Photo: Courtesy of Yunnan University Center for Evolutionary Vertebrate Biology.

Paleontologists have suggested that the dinosaur may have drowned as a result of the flood. However, it was this that allowed most of his bones to be completely preserved.

The find was made in Lufeng County, Chuxiong-Yi Autonomous Region, Yunnan Province. Among the remains are a portion of a dinosaur skull, a complete cervical vertebra, a dorsal vertebra, and a metacarpal bone.

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