Found another dangerous consequence of COVID-19

After infection with covid, some patients complain of hearing loss, tinnitus, and dizziness. How

coronavirus can cause hearing impairment, says Life.

Scientists from the University of Massachusetts (USA)found that those infected with COVID-19 notice symptoms such as tinnitus, dizziness, and hearing loss. Therefore, the researchers analyzed samples of tissue from the inner ear from ten people with confirmed infections. Most of them said they had significantly worse hearing, nine out of ten reported tinnitus and six experienced dizziness. One patient reported only deafness and tinnitus.

After that, the researchers raised artificialinner ear cells that have been infected with the coronavirus. They also removed the inner ear from several mice to study the course of the disease.

It turned out that the cells of the inner ear haveACE2 receptors. This is why the virus gets inside so easily. Scientists believe that mainly the infection is transmitted to the ear through the nose: through the Eustachian tube, arteries. Another option is directly into the ear itself.

Researchers advise for sudden hearing losspass a PCR test, as this may be one of its signs. In addition, they note that it is necessary to look for ways to treat such deafness, to closely monitor the changes in hearing in children born in a pandemic.

Source: Life