Four Bone-Healthy Beverages

It is believed that strong bones make the body strong. To keep your bones the same as you age,

you can refer to some drinks. Discuss

Bones can be strengthened with replenishmentnutrient deficiency. Among them are calcium, and magnesium, and vitamins C, D, K, and boron, and phosphorus, and potassium. A balanced diet will make it possible to receive all these substances in the right amount.

There are also four drinks that will help strengthen bones. You can even drink these drinks every day.

  1. Prunes Smoothie. Such a drink will be most useful if youFor smoothies, use whole prunes instead of juice. According to scientific studies, if you eat 5-6 prunes a day, it will protect you from bone loss. Prunes also contain potassium, phosphorus, boron, vitamin K.
  1. Green tea. This tea has a powerful antioxidanteffect. According to nutritionists, the components of green tea reduce the likelihood of fractures, as they improve bone mineral density and promote bone growth. In addition, fluoride, which is part of this tea, plays an important role. This substance helps slow the development of osteoporosis (a condition in which the bones become brittle and weak).

  1. Green juices. These are juices that are made from leafygreens: parsley, cilantro, leaf and ordinary cabbage, romaine lettuce. These vegetables will provide the bones with plant-based calcium, which is needed to build bones. In addition, green vegetables are rich in vitamin C and K.
  1. Kefir. Experts have found that this drink canimprove bone mineral density. Also, just one serving of kefir contains protein (9 g), calcium (25 percent of the daily value), phosphorus (20 percent of the daily value), vitamin D (12 percent of the daily value). All these substances are also very useful for bones.

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