Four hands: OPPO Reno2 with your own eyes

The European premiere of OPPO Reno2 took place in London. A top-end smartphone in the sub-top line, recently it

will be on sale (full price 16999 UAH, pre-order – 14999 UAH). EditorialggI attended the London presentation and have already gotten acquainted with the device; a review will appear on the site later. In this material I will share my first impressions of the smartphone, the brand and the presentation.

Back to the Future

On October 23, OPPO will hold a brand presentation andline of smartphones in Ukraine. Ukraine has become one of four European countries where the brand is planning expansion this year. Others – Germany, Belgium, Portugal, that is, markets are very different from ours. Unfortunately, OPPO representatives did not comment on the upcoming expansion during this presentation. All details – October 23.
Six years ago, in 2013, as part of the Russianthe presentation of the OPPO Find 5 model, company representatives announced plans to enter Ukraine. But it did not work out. The crisis struck, and the brand found our market uninteresting. He also left Russia for a while.

This year, the company returned to the deferred plan. Offices of OPPO and Vivo (another brand in the portfolio of BBK Corporation) in Ukraine appeared almost simultaneously.

Physics without lyrics

The London presentation brought together allcountries where the brand is present within the region, – from Kazakhstan to Spain. Among the guests from the media – a lot of video bloggers and television. Judging by how many people were present after the presentation for interviews with key people from the companies, it seemed that the journalists – less than a third (however, there were also partners, so it’s difficult to judge exactly). So far, without gloss and socio-political publications (at least from Ukraine and Russia), as often happens when a brand is just starting to work on recognition. During the presentation – a lot of technical characteristics. Afterwards, in an interview, they willingly answer all technical questions, but about the market – only in general terms and mostly evasively.

The presentation was practically devoid of lyrics.Lots of numbers, characteristics, examples. The only thing they emphasized besides – it's on creativity, partnerships with artists and patronage of sports. The brand’s audience is “young at heart.” Hence the focus. This year, OPPO continues to collaborate with the Barcelona football club. In general, it’s interesting how much Europeans pay attention to such things.

Another thing that OPPO keeps in focus– this is 5G. For Ukraine, the topic is not yet relevant, but in Europe this is a pressing issue, networks are already being built. OPPO recalls that it is working on the technology, has patents and was among the first to introduce 5G smartphones.

Long road

Reno2 launched from India.The model was presented a couple of months earlier. India– The market is huge and therefore promising, it worries many Chinese brands that have become cramped in their homeland. Xiaomi pushed Samsung off its pedestal a couple of years ago, OPPO is pushing Apple in the flagship segment. Over the year, the company grew by 41% in the Indian market.

Special project

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In native China, the OPPO brand grew, but perceivedI have not reached the premium brand yet. Of the Chinese, Huawei is considered the highest by all, and now that the US has pressed on the favorite of the public, its sales in the Middle Kingdom have gone up in the wake of patriotism and large marketing infusions. And other brands in this generally mature market became crowded. Apparently, this was the impetus for the active expansion of the BBK Corporation brands in the European expanses.

OPPO Reno2 do it yourself

I already had several days to get acquainted with the smartphone. Enough for first impressions, but not yet for review. For now I can definitely talk about three things – camera, design and autonomy.

The company focused on the roundedbody, not a single sharp corner. The Reno2 is also heavy (4000 mAh battery inside, tempered glass outside) and fits well in the hand. Pop-up camera – not on a thin leg, but extends out a little diagonally, the design looks reliable. Overall, this creates a feeling of quality and even premium quality.

The model will be available in two colors – black and blue. And if you already thought that black – it's boring, then look at the photo below and the interesting shimmer effect on it.

</ img>

Blue, by the way, is also interesting, with iridescence. In English &#8211; ocean blue, the color is really deep and varied, like the thickness of the water.

</ img>

The camera module does not hang over the body, that's allfit inside. This also works on the perception of the device. But of the minuses &#8211; The camera gets under your fingers more often, so you should always wipe it before shooting.

I haven't tested autonomy yet, but I canI can say that the smartphone performed well in real life. For example, for a couple of days in London the battery lasted until the evening with intensive use of the map, camera and screen, and while roaming. The Snapdragon 730G processor is made using an 8 nm process technology, the screen &#8211; AMOLED, although large (6.5 inches), so the model has good potential in terms of autonomy. The smartphone supports fast charging (OPPO claims 51% in 30 minutes).

But the main thing is that Reno2 &#8211; this is a camera.It is the main emphasis in communication. Consists of four modules: main 48 MP (Sony IMX586, 1/2.0&#8243;, F/1.7 aperture), 13 MP telephoto lens (1/3.4&#8243;, F/2.4 aperture, autofocus), wide-angle 8 MP lens (116 ° | 1/3.2&#8243;), 2 MP mono lens for portrait mode (1/5 &#8220; | 1.75 um). And it is equipped with a 5x hybrid zoom. And here, better than any words, examples will tell everything for me.











The night mode has an ultra mode, inwhich picture is visible even in complete darkness. Yes, it is really visible, but this focus only works with a tripod or with normal fixation of the smartphone. Although with minimal lighting, you can shoot with your hands. Pictures are “pulled” using artificial intelligence.










I liked that in portrait mode the camera perfectly separates a person from the background, which is usually a problem with smartphones. But so that like this, on the fly and the first time &#8211; it is a rarity.





The wide-angle module has a modesuper macro shots (up to 2.5 cm to the subject) and convenient control for zoom with a single interface button. It’s convenient to make a general plan, then zoom in a couple of clicks in order to remove details, for example, of the city landscape.






Photos in original resolution are in a separate gallery on Torba, I advise you to consider in detail.

There is also an ultra-wide mode for video.In addition, there are slow and fast motion modes. To be honest, I almost never make videos for myself in everyday life, much less &#8211; in special modes. But after I recorded an accelerated video on Reno2 for the sake of testing, it seems that I will do this more often.

But in slow motion there are problems with focus.

It is completely uncharacteristic for Chinese brands thatWhen taking a selfie, the smartphone does not try to make the perfect face by default. On the contrary, leather &#8211; with all the shortcomings, if you want “beauty”, you need to set it manually in the settings. To be honest, I haven’t had any success with the front camera yet; almost all the pictures turned out unsuccessful, because the camera is very careful in noticing shortcomings. Either she looked worse than usual these days, or she was unaccustomed to seeing her face in selfies without “enhancers,” or something was really wrong. Well, I'll sleep better this weekend and try again.

The smartphone is equipped with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GBbuilt-in. The processor is not the top level, but powerful enough. More information on hardware, software and performance will be discussed in the review. As part of the preview, I can say that it is comfortable and sufficient for me. I don’t play games, I don’t mount video on a smartphone, but I work on it often, in general this is my main gadget, I can’t let go of it. However, today even mid-range smartphones with less RAM are already comfortable for most users. In this case, we are talking about a reserve for growth.

And also a sound. He's cool on video, in headphones, and in dynamics. Although it is a pity that he is the only one and not very loud. There is support for Dolby Atmos technology, and the dog was eaten on OPPO audio.

In the dry residue

This is not my first encounter with OPPO smartphones.It feels like the brand has grown, strengthened and become more enjoyable to work with compared to 2013. Like the flagship of the Ukrainian market from the Vivo brand, this OPPO model gives the impression of a mature solution in terms of user experience. Comfortable, thoughtful, you can feel the breed. There is only one nuance, and for the Ukrainian market it can be fatal &#8211; This is the price against the backdrop of low solvency and fierce competition. The segment in which the model is presented is already very brand-oriented. In addition, Xiaomi, Huawei/Honor and Samsung are fighting for our customers, and some are selling smartphones at a loss in order to increase their share. Surely new players have entered with marketing budgets, but with such serious price competition and low brand awareness, it will be difficult and very expensive to grow. OPPO at the global level does not consider Honor as its competitor and competes only with premium solutions &#8211; Samsung, Huawei. But Honor is already familiar to the Ukrainian market, and OPPO is known to geeks. Which, for the most part, are more demanding of hardware and may also consider the model a bit expensive when &#8220;Xiaomi or OnePlus has a more powerful processor&#8221; or something else better, and the price &#8211; a little higher. Unless the market loses two major players, then a niche will open up for OPPO.

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