Four Ways to Know if Your Cat Really Loves You

All cat owners from time to time wonder if their pet really loves them. And define

This, according to scientists, is possible according to four signs. Discuss

Scientific studies show that cats are quitehave an undeserved reputation for being cold and aloof pets. The fact is that in the course of evolution, cats have become more independent animals than dogs. But at the same time, during domestication, cats developed the ability to form social ties not only with relatives, but also with people.

In fact, many cats exhibitaffection for people and in general they are very appreciated. Cats treat humans the same way they treat other cats. Therefore, take a closer look at the behavior of your cat if you want to understand if he loves you.

  1. Notice the smell. Cats with the help of odorous glands, whichlocated on their sides, on the head and around the ears, "mark" the members of their social group or family. That is, if a cat rubs its head or side against you, it means that it considers you to be its friend.

  2. See how the cat greets you. If she raises her tail vertically,then she shows friendly intentions. Also, some cats use their tail, which is raised up and looks like a question mark, to greet someone they like, or show that they want to play.

As a sign of friendship, a cat can wrap its tail around yourcaviar. And if the animal rolls over on its side and exposes its stomach, it means that the cat completely trusts you. She can also say hello with literally - with the help of meowing or rubbing her head against you.

  1. Notice blinking. Cats may blink slowly when looking atother cats with whom they have a good relationship. According to scientific research, such slow blinking may be associated with expressions of trust, contentment, and affection, similar to a human smile.

  2. See how close the cat comes. Cats really appreciate personal space and do notthey love it when uninvited guests invade it. So if your cat is curling up in your lap, it means she has complete confidence in you. In addition, if she begins to lick your hands or your face, then she wants to show tenderness towards you in this way.