France announced a new military aid package for Ukraine: we are waiting for Caesar self-propelled artillery

Yesterday, on May 30, head of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs Catherine Colonna arrived in Ukraine. After meeting with

Ukrainian officials and diplomats France announced a new package of military assistance.

What to expect

Catherine Colonna announced that in the near futureUkraine will receive French self-propelled artillery installations Caesar. How many we are talking about is still unknown. By the way, France has already given us the Caesar self-propelled guns. They are already at the front.

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Recall that CAESAR is a French155 mm self-propelled artillery mount designed to destroy manpower, artillery batteries, bunkers, as well as provide passages in minefields and field obstacles. The maximum firing range of the self-propelled guns is 42 km (depending on the projectile). It is capable of firing 6 shots per minute. She is served by a crew of 4-5 people.

Source: MFAUA