France refused to rebuild Notre Dame from the Assassin’s Creed Unity model. Building reconstructed by 3D-scans

According to Gascaux, Assassin’s Creed Unity developers, who have studied Notre Dame for two years, created an incomplete copy

Cathedral, and its artistic interpretation. Artists were interested in the appearance of buildings, and not in their structure.

“The authors of Assassin’s Creed have created an artistica copy. They are very good artists who work on the basis of photographs and plans. But it happens that they have a statue two meters higher than in real life, and for them it is absolutely not important. We give millimeter accuracy, we work with engineers and analysts. ”

Cedric Hasho, CEO of Life3D

Architects and engineers made several precise 3D laser models of the cathedral before the start of its previous reconstruction, which led to a fire. It will be used to restore Notre Dame.

On the evening of April 15 in Notre-Dame de ParisParis, there was a major fire, because of which the roof and spire of Notre Dame collapsed. The French authorities have promised to restore the cathedral, for which the patrons have donated more than 800 million euros in a few days.