France upgrades 122 Leclerc tanks to Scorpion standard and adds 7.62mm machine gun remote controlled pod

The French army plans to upgrade more than a hundred Leclerc tanks within three years.

What is known


French Army Ground Forceshave 222 Leclerc main battle tanks. By 2025, France wants to receive 122 tanks upgraded to the Scorpion standard. What will happen to the remaining combat vehicles is still unknown.

Updated tanks will receive an XLR index and retaincurrent main armament. In particular, the CN 120-26 gun. At the same time, a remote-controlled weapon station equipped with a 7.62 mm machine gun will appear on the turret of the upgraded tank.

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Armor will be improved in Leclerc XLR. Anti-cumulative screens will appear at the stern and in the rear, and dynamic protection units will be installed in front.

Also, the combat vehicle will receive a new information and command system for exchanging information with Scorpion armored vehicles. Inside the Leclerc XLR there will be modern displays for the gunner and commander.

Image: Strategic-Bureau