French self-propelled artillery installations CAESAR will be able to shoot up to 70 km

The Italian concern Leonardo during the Eurosatory exhibition in Paris announced a new projectile for self-propelled

CAESAR artillery mounts.

What is known

The novelty was called Vulcano GLR.She has already passed all the tests. Thanks to the projectile, the firing range of the French CAESAR self-propelled guns will increase from 43 to 70 km. In addition, Vulcano GLR will be able to destroy moving targets. By the way, because The CAESAR self-propelled guns have a 155-mm NATO standard caliber, so in theory, the new shells can also be used with other self-propelled guns. For example, Polish Krab or American M109.

Recall that France handed over 18 CAESAR self-propelled guns to Ukraine.For those who are not in the know, this is a French 155mm self-propelled artillery mount designed to destroy manpower, artillery batteries, bunkers, and also provide passages in minefields and field barriers. It is capable of firing 6 shots per minute. It is served by 4-5 people.

Source: defense24