From work home by air taxi: air transport from Hyundai flies at a speed of 290 km / h

Hyundai Motor Group said the new company, Supernal, will handle the mobile transport of the future. Now she

creates a family of electric air vehicles, and also attracts investors and other supporters of the project.

The concept is that the passenger canuse just one app to plan your trip. Using it, you can order a taxi, choose train tickets or find the nearest vertiport with an air taxi.

Now the company continues to develop and improve its eVTOL air taxi, which it will bring to the market in the first place. Certification with US regulators will begin in 2024.

Supernal's first air vehiclewill be equipped with electric and autonomous power supply. It can accommodate four to five passengers. The flight will take place only over the territory of one city. Hyundai claims that the air taxi flies at speeds up to 290 km / h for a distance of up to 100 km.

To provide such characteristics, Hyundai engineers settled on a tiltrotor scheme: an aircraft whose propellers rotate vertically during takeoff and landing.

The start of operation of the air movement system is scheduled for 2028.

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