Full review of iOS 11

In the fall of 2017 the companyAppleintroduced a new version of the operating platformIosUnder the number11<

/strong>. The creators of iOS have added several interesting innovations to the next update that are useful and exciting for the user.

New design

The first thing that attracts attention is the new software design.

Status bar updated - indicator dotschanged to sticks. Now it looks more compact and neat. The circles from the tenth version disappeared, and the battery icon became translucent. The thin font in the system has been removed and is now replaced by bold font. As a result of this change, the section headings became huge and not entirely neat. In standard applications you can also see bold fonts. The icons have received a redesign, but only in some of the applications, for exampleApp Store.

Lock screen

The lock screen in this version is integrated with the control center. Here you can see the time and date, and if you hold your finger down on the screen, you will notice a list of unread notifications.

Swipe to the right will lead to the page with widgets, and to the left - to the device's camera. The new version has an emergency call feature. To start it, you will need to press the power button five times.

Control center

The control center system has undergone a newversion of the greatest changes. Users were allowed to customize their own system - add and remove switches. Normal tap allows you to connect and disconnect functions. Long tap opens up additional features and advanced settings for some parameters.

App Store

App Store qualitatively changed, he received a new design and icon. The main screen of the application consists of five tabs:

  • "Today";
  • "Applications";
  • "Search";
  • "Updates";
  • "Games".

Tab "Today" contains a list of currentprograms currently on the version of the Apple editorial team. In the tabs "Applications" and "Games" - a list of all the programs presented, divided into categories. The App Store is equipped with a fully upgraded search function that greatly simplifies this process. You can download on the mobile network up to 150 megabytes, which is 50 MB more than in the previous version.

Other interesting updates

Messages also work slightly differently in the new version. Now users have the opportunity to quickly select emoticons, stickers and animations in the formatgif. You can also send payments between users.

The keyboard can now be used with only one hand. NewQuicktypewill be equally convenient for right-handers and left-handers. In landscape orientation, the keyboard is inconvenient to use; the keys are not systematized and are built illogically.

iOS now allows you to store all your passwords andlogins that are used in different social networks. Sharing your Wi-Fi password with another device has become easier. It is enough to attach one device to another. A gyroscope has appeared in the Camera application, new filters and options for compressing photos and videos have been added, which will save disk space. A code scanner has been added to the settingsQR.

Changes in other applications

There have been a lot of changes in standard applications, briefly we will highlight some of them.

  • Application "A photo": Support animation in gif format, effect"long exposure".
  • Application "Notes»: You can scan documents, cut off excess and paste into a note.
  • Application "Cards": You can easily navigate the building, relying on the plan, unloaded from the application, the function"do not disturb the driver".

Screenshots and screencasts

New screenshot program runs fast andclearly. The editor will appeal to users who often publish screenshots on the web. With the new feature "Screen Recording" you can store the finished video in a photo stream.

On which devices update is available

The next update of the iOS system is available to smartphone usersIphone 5sand newer tabletsIpad air,Ipad 5,Ipad Pro,Ipad mini 2and newer ones,Ipad touch 6.

Updating iOS on iPhone, iPad or iPad touch devices - step by step instructions

You can upgrade the operating system version on your device in the following ways:

&gt;&gt;Wireless way&lt;&lt;

When a message appears about the update, activate the "set" command, put the gadget on charge and connect to the Internet. Then you need to go to the settings menu, select the section "Main", Further "Software Update". Next you need to activate the program "Download and install".

&gt;&gt;Using iTunes&lt;&lt;

You need to install the latest version of iTunes on a personal computer, connect an Apple device to it, and then activate it in the program. Next, open the tab "Overview"And click"Refresh".

Uninstalling downloaded or installed iOS 11 update

To remove the already downloaded firmware from the device, you must perform the following steps.

  • Open the settings section on the device.
  • Select the menu item "Main".
  • Go to the section "Using storage ...".
  • Find the downloaded file.
  • Activate the command "Uninstall update".

Problems after the update on iOS 11

After installing iOS 11 for some usersThere may be problems with the operation of devices. In the near future, Apple will cease to support 32-bit applications, it will be impossible to install them. There are other problems with iOS 11:

  • incompatibility with some devices;
  • fast battery discharge;
  • there may be no Wi-Fi connection;
  • the device runs noticeably slower;
  • The screen does not turn on, some applications may not work.

How to roll back iOS 11 to 10

If the user's device is unstable with the new IOS, it is recommended to roll back to the previous version.

In order to carry out this operation, you need to perform the following steps:

  • connect the device to the computer and start the iTunes program;
  • turn off the device;
  • hold down the button for a few secondsPower;
  • hold down the volume down button and continue to hold along with the Power key for a few seconds;
  • ITunes will display a message about the recovery device. Accept the proposal to restore the factory settings.

In the future, the latest version of IOS will be installed. You cannot roll it back to an older version.