Future Xiaomi smartphones will receive two batteries

Back in the spring, Xiaomi introduced 100 W ultra-fast charging technology, which allows

Charge the 4000 mAh battery in just 17 minutes. However, so far not a single smartphone has received such a charge (most likely due to overheating). But it seems that Xiaomi has a solution to the problem.

Two is better

According to insider information, the company willinstall double batteries in your smartphones. This is a battery consisting of two halves. It is this design that will allow for ultra-fast charging.

By the way, Oppo has already successfully used this method.For example, the Find X and Reno Ace smartphones received double batteries. As a result, the first one supports 50W charging, and the second model supports 65W charging.

What kind of charging will Xiaomi have?unknown, but we still hope for the release of a flagship with support for 100 W fast charging technology next year. Current models are limited to Mi Charge Turbo with 40W wired charging.

Do you know that

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