G0blin jailbreak for 64-bit devices with iOS 10.3.3 coming soon

Sticktron is a developer who recently announced his intention to release another jailbreak of iOS 10.3.x. Now he

told in more detail about the status of his tool. The developer confirmed that he is not releasing his tool yet, as he "essentially copies the yalu103 jailbreak."

Nowadays, a lot of things are happening in the field of jailbreak thanks to a large number of tools for 10 and iOS 11, as well as exploits by Siguza and Ian Beer from Google.

This jailbreak uses the Siguza exploit and is designed for 64-bit devices with iOS 10.3.x.

The developer said that he created his toolbased on the V0rtex exploit discovered by the talented hacker Siguza. He also confirmed that the release of the jailbreak is hindered by one single thing - “lack of root access”.

In addition, the developer promised to solve this problem and release the IPA file as soon as possible. The tool will support Cydia and Substrate, which means that G0blin will be a full-fledged jailbreak.

Status of the g0blin tool. As you can know, g0blin - essentially a copy of the yalu103 jailbreak - supports the same devices, but with 10.3 (.x). It is based on the v0rtex exploit discovered by Siguza. The only problem: lack of root access.

I added Cydia support manually, soThe application works 100%. Now I need to come up with something for the rest of the applications. I have a backup plan that can be used to jailbreak earlier, while I continue to work on a permanent solution.

Sticktron managed to add support for Cydiaindependently, so the application will work. When G0blin comes out publicly as an IPA file, it will be compatible with all 64-bit devices with iOS 10.3.3, except for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, which are not compatible with the KPP bypass method.

If you are interested in installing a toolG0blin right now, you must have certain skills, because you will need to download the project from GitHub, create an IPA file from it and download it to the device via Xcode or Cydia Impactor. Or just wait for the public IPA.