Gabe Newell advised Half-Life fans not to die in the next five years

Gamers have already joked about the number three in Valve’s biography, and now they’re just waiting with hope for Half-Life 3. If you

If you are a fan of the series and are also looking forward to a new game about the adventures of a physicist with a crowbar, then Gabe Newell advises you not to die in the next five years.

What is known

Valve News Network YouTube channel host TylerMcVicker came up with the Newell E-Mails column, in which he sends fan letters to Gaben and then reads the responses. In one of the issues, he asked a question about how he was already 32 and whether he could wait for the release of the new Half-Life. Newell responded that: “Just don’t die in the next five years or so ;).”

McVicker deleted the video with this response, but we still have a screenshot.

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Sounds reassuring. There is no confirmation of the authenticity of the letter, but McVicker has been involved in this column for a long time and calls himself a Valve fan, so there is a possibility that this is true.

Still, you shouldn’t mark the entire2024 and take a vacation, because the new part may turn out to be a prequel. The question and its answer date back to November 5 last year, when rumors about a Half-Life prequel appeared on the Internet. Reports said that the game would be included in a VR headset package from Valve.

Also remember that Valve is currently making Moondust,a game based on the Portal universe, which was made to test new virtual reality controllers. It's possible that Valve will release its own headset and throw some of its own games into the box.