Galactic shootout - scientists saw how one galaxy fired a plasma jet at another

Astronomers have been able to record how one galaxy fired plasma at another. This was done by a group of scientists

led by Ananda Hota from the University of Mumbai in India.

What is known

Scientists observed galaxies RAD12-A (smaller)and RAD12-B (large). During the observation, the astronomers saw how RAD12-A fired a jet of plasma at RAD12-B. The event is not ordinary, although it has its own uniqueness.

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Plasma Shot

Previously, researchers have discovered five pairs of galaxies, inwhich one shoots plasma at the other. However, in the case of RAD12 (A and B), there is one interesting nuance. It lies in the fact that the smaller galaxy shot into the larger galaxy with plasma, while in the five previous cases the opposite happened.

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Combination of data in the optical range with the contours of a relativistic jet in the radio range

Scientists believe that the reason for this behaviorgalaxies is a black hole that absorbs matter and emits relativistic jets. The RAD12 galaxy pair confirms that jets are observed in older galaxies that are elliptical in shape. On the one hand, RAD12-A after the shot reduced the intensity of star formation. On the other hand, RAD12-B started star formation processes after receiving gas.

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Indian scientists will continue to study a couple of galaxiesRAD12. In addition, their work was selected for publication in the annual collection of scientific papers of the International Astronomical Union. This means that other scientists will be able to continue working on the research.