Galaxy A80: Snapdragon 7150 and rotating camera

Experts and users have been waiting for a revolutionary smartphone from Samsung called Galaxy A90 for a long time, but this

The device, according to the latest data, will appear under a different name – A80. The company will present it in the coming days, most likely in mid-April.

release date

Dutch analysts report that the model withcode SM-A805F, which appeared earlier in the results of synthetic performance tests, this is the same smartphone, equipped with retractable cameras that can rotate. Apparently A80 will be presented simultaneously with another smartphone A70. There are rumors that the doublet will be presented even today at a special event that starts in several cities at once - in Milan (Italy) Bangkok (Thailand) and in Sao Paulo (Brazil).

Nothing extra

However, under what name will the novelty,A80A90, it does not matter, the main thing here, what innovative solutions are waiting for potential buyers in this device. A smartphone promises to be truly frameless, the first from the manufacturer. The front panel will be deprived of any cuts, knobs and frames, in general, only the display, no extra parts and elements, even under the camera.

Recent concepts and renders, as well as patentdocumentation shows that the main cameras (on the back) are able to turn the optics forward when the slider mechanism is activated. It turns out that the cameras for selfies, as well as the main cameras, will shoot equally well, since they will have the same sensors and the same optics. According to previously published information, the main sensor will receive a 48-megapixel quality sensor with a sensitivity of 2.0, the second module has an 8-megapixel sensor and f 2.4.

Creative polygon

Korean manufacturer introduced into the model rangeA series machines as a testing ground for creative development, testing of new technologies and chips. Everything that is being developed in the depths of a new company first appears on A-models. So it was with the screen and the matrix Infinity-O, the fingerprint scanner integrated into the screen there too. In the end, after running-in, these technologies became part of the flagship smartphones of the Galaxy S series or the Note series.

So if the retractable and rotating mechanismif the camera is liked by the consumer, the company will definitely put this moment on its other models, perhaps on flagship smartphones. As for the A80 filling, the display will be large - 6.7 ”, the resolution of the matrix is ​​2400x1080, the display will be 20: 9 stretched. The processor will be the Snapdragon 7150 chipset from Qualcomm, the battery will be provided with a 3700 mAh battery.

As for the mechanisms for the nomination of cameras, orother elements, on the one hand, this is a good move to ensure the framelessness of the smartphone, but there are also disadvantages to this. The main one is the presence of excess moving parts that can quickly wear out. Further, we no longer have to talk about water resistance, if the smartphone gets wet, the mechanism may even wedge.

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