Galaxy Buds competes with AirPods

Smartphones from market leaders are constantly being upgraded, offering users the latest technologies and

wide functionality.In pursuit of framelessness, compliance with security standards, and simply to stand out among competitors in at least some way, manufacturers began to remove connectors familiar to users from their devices. Thus, the TRS or mini-jack headphone jack has disappeared from many smartphones. The company offered a universal USB-C port instead. But the fact is that very few such headphones are produced, and they are expensive. And with the old connector, there are a lot of them, for every taste, and people already have headphones that they are used to. Adapters only worsen the sound.

No wires

Now smartphone makers have decided thisthe question is to close the release of their own headphones and headsets - wireless. Today it is a whole trend, with the last squeak, this is the production of real-world wireless devices that are not even connected by a synchronization wire. The pioneers in this regard (mass production) was Apple with its AirPods headset, devoid of any wires.

Galaxy Buds in the role of catching up?

Samsung for a long time did not dare to follow the pathCupertino company, and now, after a few months of discussions from various sources of rumors, the Koreans finally released their fully wireless Galaxy Buds headset. They represent a pair of autonomous headphones, on the acoustics of which they worked, according to the company, AKG. The novelty received a function that allows the user to hear everything that is happening around. This is a very convenient option for residents of megacities, because when you cross the road in a busy place, sometimes it is only hearing that saves you from an unpleasant incident.

Microphone with two modules, adaptive, firstthe module is located inside, the second outside. This is necessary in order to transmit high-quality voice. The manufacturer’s claimed autonomy for wireless headphones is six hours of continuous operation in the mode of interaction with a smartphone via Bluetooth. The cover is complete with a charger, in which the energy is still for seven hours of headset operation.

Case supports charging without wires, coupled withThe latest flagship, which received the option of reverse charging, headphone autonomy can be maintained as long as the charge on the smartphone itself. Just put the headphones on the back of the smartphone, charging is automatically activated. Physical supplies of Galaxy Buds will begin on March 8 as a gift to the lovely ladies for their holiday. The price of the headset will be 130 dollars.

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