Galaxy Fold 2 will be successful if available

The era of foldable smartphones will not come, despite the fact that three models have already been announced, and two of them have already

available to consumers.And the point here is not only the dampness of technology and the not very high practicality of the new form factor - it’s the price. New smartphones with flexible screens are very expensive. Of course, these are new technologies, they are expensive to implement and costs need to be covered, but the consumer is not interested in this; he needs manufacturers to offer him a high-quality product at an adequate price.

While this is not observed Galaxy Fold costs about2 thousand dollars, the Chinese Mate X is even more expensive. There was hope for Motorola Razr, some experts suggested that the company would make an affordable smartphone with a price tag of around $ 700. This, however, did not happen, and the cost has already been announced - $ 1,500. It does not look like accessibility at all, and in terms of performance and photo capabilities this device is closer to the mid-budget segment. Is such an extra charge just for the screen, or is it just still fashionable, and you need to take as much as possible from the fans?

New technologies

However, it cannot go on for long, andwith the further development of technology, the cost of manufacturing flexible screens and folding devices will fall. Accordingly, the price tags for future models should be more affordable. Experts expect that this will affect the next generation of folding smartphones, in particular, we are talking about Fold 2, which will be in the form factor of old clamshells or Motorola Razr.In fact, a lower price will benefit the development of this type of phones. The first Galaxy Fold was new, unique, interesting, impressive, but $ 1900 is too much for a regular smartphone, which is the Galaxy Fold. He does nothing more and better than the existing flagships. There are no unique, exclusive technologies and tasks that would be available only on this smartphone.

Price races do not give advantages on realthe consumer market, we all know how expensive Vertu phones were, but these were fashion phones, with gold, precious stones, this was the value of these phones. What is the value of Galaxy Fold and the like? Is it just a smartphone that needs to be used very carefully, because it is fragile and could be damaged?

The next model has already received the code SM-F700F, onIt will appear on the market after the launch of the Galaxy S11. Pages on a new folding smartphone have already started appearing on the regional sites of the Korean technology giant, although until now there is no information about an upcoming new product, just a serial number or catalog number and that’s all. But the fact of the appearance of these pages on these sites suggests that the smartphone is likely to be affordable, otherwise why is it needed in African countries.

Home media, in particular The Bell, report thatthe device has received the temporary name "Bloom". Some experts attribute this name to the new heyday of clamshells in the consumer market. In addition, many see this as a sign that the new product will be released in April. Part number SM-F900F indicates that this is not a continuation or development of previous models, it belongs to a different series of products. Most likely, the new smartphone will not be similar to the current Fold, but will be a completely new device.