Galaxy Fold has a serious display issue.

The buzz around the foldable Galaxy Fold smartphone continues. Samsung has provided some this week.

bloggers and critics of the novelty in order to practicaltesting. For many reviewers, the first experience with using Galaxy Fold turned out to be unsuccessful: the phone has obvious problems with its main feature - a folding display.

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Galaxy Fold breaks fast

So, just three user reviewersnoticed a number of problems with the novelty, which are associated with the display. Dieter Bon from the well-known foreign resource The Verge says that his Galaxy Fold device broke after a random bulge appeared on the display, perhaps because of something that hit the hinge. The blogger himself claims that he handled the phone quite neatly, interacted in the usual way, opened, closed, put in his pocket, etc. It happened a couple of days later. At first a bulge appeared, and then she pressed into the screen in such a way that he eventually broke down. In the photo you can see the lines of the broken OLED-display, which converge in the place where there was just a bulge.

Another critic Steve Kovacs from CNBC also shared a video on which you can see a flickering, not working screen after one day of use.

Authoritative blogger Mark Gourman from Bloombergalso ran into problems with the display. His Galaxy Fold was broken and unusable. It seems that the problem of the screen is exactly the same as described in the first case. Gourmet also says that on the screen of a folding phone there was a protective layer-film that could not be removed, but he did not know about it. It is possible that its removal has aggravated the problem.

Famous youtuber marquez brownlee says hedid the same because there were no warnings in the box. However, not all browsers with broken phones removed the film from the display.

In short, three broken new items have been in progress.A couple of days of use can only suggest that there are obviously some problems with the phone, it is possible that it is simply “raw”, or maybe they got some defective lot. In any case, you should know about this before you want to buy a Galaxy Fold for $ 2,000.

The price is quite high. And for such a cost, the device should be just perfect. The manufacturer already accepts the first orders for a novelty; on April 26th, the phone will be delivered to the first customers.