Galaxy Fold: hurry up - make the whole world laugh!

We have to admit that the innovative smartphone with a flexible screen Galaxy Fold from Samsung, which has become

the first representative of the new folding phonesgeneration, turned out to be, despite everything, greatly underdeveloped. The Korean manufacturer nevertheless rushed to launch this smartphone, because, as it turned out, it was not yet ready for mass use and quickly broke down. As a result — it was decided to postpone its release for some time.

Galaxy Fold — Samsung is a complete failure

After Samsung has providedthe opportunity for well-known bloggers and reviewers to test the new Galaxy Fold, showered negative reviews about the phone. For many, it broke down on the second or third day of use, there were obvious problems with a sensational display, etc.

Initially, the manufacturer did not confirm availabilityproblems in the Galaxy Fold, and the start of sales was planned for April 26. However, after a thorough check of the device to identify the reasons why some displays began to fail so quickly, it was decided to postpone the start of sales.

Samsung has officially stated thatthe next two weeks will announce a new launch date for Galaxy Fold sales, but for now it needs to take serious measures to enhance the display protection. Despite the fact that many bloggers saw a powerful potential in the new product, the device still needs some improvements that could provide the best user experience.

During the first checks it was found thatproblems may be related to the impact on the upper and lower exposed areas of the hinge. There was also a case where substances found inside the device affected the performance of the display. As a result, the manufacturer decided to strengthen the protection of the display and expand recommendations for the care and use of the display, including a protective layer, so that customers can get the most out of the Galaxy Fold.

The exact start date for Galaxy Fold sales is yetremains in question, but the manufacturer still hopes that it has not undermined customer confidence in itself. Therefore, we must be patient and wait! However, I'm not surprised. Hurry — you'll make people laugh.