Galaxy Fold is ready to launch again.

The fate of the Galaxy Fold was not an easy one. Sales of the smartphone did not take place, although many have already done

preorders. That's because serious problems were found in the novelty, and it took time to eliminate them. More about this we told here. Samsung has not clarified the terms for restarting the Galaxy Fold, but it looks like the time has come.

Galaxy Fold Sales

On the Web is another hype. It seems that the Galaxy Fold is again ready to enter the market, despite the initial fiasco. Many of us have not waited for the start of sales. And they assumed that the delay would be long-term, but it seems that we were wrong. Vice President Kim Son Chol, who works for Samsung Display, and not Samsung Electronics, issued plans for the Korean corporation.

A subsidiary of Samsung Display is engaged in the production of screens. Therefore, it can be assumed that he is aware of Samsung’s plans for launching a foldable Galaxy Fold phone.

According to Kim, the Galaxy Fold "is ready to go onmarket ”, since the“ majority ”of its display problems is“ fixed. ” By the way, recently the World Wide Web also talked about the opinion of one of the Samsung employees, who assured everyone that the phone will not be available soon.

As far as we know, with a foldable smartphoneSamsung had two major problems. The first is associated with a protective layer that is applied on top of a flexible display, but it looked like a regular plastic film for the screen, was too easily peeled off and caused almost immediate and irreparable damage. The second problem is that there was a noticeable gap between the specified layer and the screen frames of the product, which made it easier for debris to come into direct contact with the fragile plastic display.

Apparently, these two big headaches wereeliminated by the manufacturer. However, no one has officially announced the exact date of the start of sales. But we will hope that the new Galaxy Fold will appear on the market very soon, only if someone wants to buy it again ...