Galaxy Note 9 received a new system update: improved camera and dark mode on a schedule

Samsung developers have released a new firmware version for the smartphone Galaxy Note 9.

What is known

The update came out with

build number N960FXXU2CSDE.The firmware contains the April security patch and several useful changes. For example, the developers have improved the quality of photos and added the ability to change the viewing angle of the front camera from 68 degrees to 80 degrees. In addition, the One UI shell now has a function to set the dark mode of the interface on a schedule.

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When to expect

The new version of the software is already being received by smartphone users in Germany. In other countries, the firmware will be released a little later.

Do you know what

  • A refurbished Galaxy Note 8 can be found for just under $450 (European version N950F)
  • A restored Galaxy Note 4 can now be bought on Aliexpress for as little as $ 160 (European version N910F)
  • You can even find a refurbished Galaxy Note 2 (N7100) for $85 if you're feeling nostalgic about it
  • Samsung case for Galaxy Note 9 costs less than 10 dollars with free shipping
  • Although the most popular brand case for Galaxy Note 9 on Aliexpress is a transparent silicone