Galaxy S10 has serious problems with the fingerprint scanner

We always knew that the fingerprint recognition method used by the Galaxy S10 and many others

"modern" high-end Android smartphones are not ideal in terms of speed and accuracy. Now it has become clear that it is also not safe in everyday life.

A foreign publication reports on the history of oneuser. A 34-year-old woman from a small town in West Yorkshire, England, was shocked to discover that one of those cheap screen protectors you can buy on eBay had somehow completely compromised the fingerprint authentication security on her Galaxy S10. And this is not a joke…

Samsung has already confirmed that there really are some problems with the fingerprint scanning system on the Galaxy S10.

After applying the “protective film” over the GalaxyS10 to protect the screen from scratches, a woman named Lisa Neilson accidentally unlocked the phone using her left thumb. This should not have happened since the owner of the phone allegedly only registered his right thumbprint. Lisa quickly discovered that the device could be unlocked using any of her fingers, and to make matters worse, her husband was able to unlock her phone with his fingers, even though none of his fingerprints were registered in the system.

Of course, this problem can be solved byremoving a third-party protective accessory (film on the screen), however, many of us are accustomed to using it for additional protection of the display from scratches.

Samsung is going to fix a strange error onThe Galaxy S10, promising to release a software update in the near future, will again improve fingerprint security. At the same time, the company strongly recommends using only specially designed accessories for Samsung products.

To emphasize how seriousmanufacturer refers to this issue, Samsung issued an official and complete statement on the nature of the failure and its forthcoming correction. Apparently, the fingerprint sensor on the display of not only the Galaxy S10, but also the S10 +, S10 5G, Note 10 and Note 10+ also mistakenly identifies “three-dimensional patterns on some screens protected by silicone cases.”

It is currently recommended to “refrain fromapplication of a protective cover with a silicone screen on the device ”, and also it is worth deleting“ all previous fingerprints and re-register them ”if you have recently experienced any problems. A software update will properly fix the “starting next week” error, after which you can return to using the protective accessories of your choice without fear of a serious security breach.