Galaxy S11 camera will have new features

Another flagship that we are looking forward to in 2020 — This is Samsung Galaxy S11. A large number of leaks have already

made a general impression of the new product. And the manufacturer plans to place the main emphasis in the new phone on the camera. This year it will undergo a breakthrough.

Galaxy S11 Camera

So, we already know that the future flagshipwill receive a display with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. This means that the user interface will be even smoother. Another aspect that has attracted the attention of the mobile community is the 108-megapixel camera. This rumor was able to confirm in the source code of the OneUI 2.0 camera application. Moreover, it will be an exclusive sensor, not the same as the Mi Note 10. This camera will be able to do some unique things on the market.

S11 + 108MP, 9 → 1.12MP / 2.4μm

For several years, the camera phones SamsungGalaxy could not stand the competition, both in hardware and in software. This year, the situation could radically change with the new 108-megapixel camera, which we will see on these phones. Resolution is of great importance in photographs, if used correctly. In addition, it seems that the next high-performance Samsung phones will have pixel fusion technology, which will combine physical pixels into one larger one.

So far this is a merger in cameras with highThe resolution was 4 in 1. But Samsung will go even further with the camera in the Galaxy S11 +, the South Korean company will combine 9 pixels in 1. Having a huge simulated pixel size.

This is the real Galaxy S11+ camera.Left — wide-angle lens, main camera and periscope zoom lens. I don't know the exact distribution on the right. It is expected to include Flash and ToF.

Now it remains to see whether it decidesThe manufacturer will prefer a variable focal aperture using this camera. Or he will prefer to choose a fixed focal length aperture. Anyway, we expect to see a first-class camera on the Samsung Galaxy S11.