Galaxy S11: live photos confirm the design of the camera module

The launch of the new flagship Galaxy S11 is still a few months away. But it seems that one of the new products from the future

Samsung's lineup has already been seen inpublic and immediately captured as confirmation. Recently, the network published live photos of the Galaxy S11. Although the phone is well protected by the case, you can consider new features in the design.

So, two living things appeared on the World Wide Webphoto Galaxy S11. And this is definitely not a Galaxy S11 + or S11e model. Published images are of very low quality, so many of the nuances in the design will remain a mystery to us. However, these pictures are enough to confirm the manufacturer’s use of the new rear camera module design.

The main camera module of the Samsung Galaxy S11 hasthe rectangular shape that we saw earlier. But a different arrangement of sensors can be noted, especially for the flash. As we see in the images, there are three cameras in a vertical arrangement.

In recent weeks, rumors about the future of Samsung GalaxyS11 have some inconsistencies. But this discrepancy is very easy to explain. All the sources that published the Samsung Galaxy S11 tenders are related to case and case manufacturers who already have pre-CAD software to start creating compatible accessories.

However, probably to avoidexcessive leakage, Samsung could change some key information about the new line (for example, the location of the cameras). All this is just speculation.