Galaxy S21 was placed under water and has been shown live for 11 days

One of the owners of the Galaxy S21 decided to experiment. He put his smartphone under the water in an aquarium and shows

what is happening on the air. The device has been working for 11 days.

Galaxy S21 series smartphones are water resistantIP68 standard. The user decided to test the device by "test drive". The smartphone is charged under water from the wireless station and is in the on state.

During the entire experiment, the user had toPull the Galaxy S21 out of the water twice to reset the timer. The fact is that it does not work longer than 99 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds. The smartphone has been under water for almost 250 hours.

One day he issued a warning about the detectionmoisture after 117 hours 53 minutes under water. The Galaxy S21 screen was unresponsive and the system was launching applications uncontrollably. After 241 hours and 10 minutes, the user decided to test the speakers - they sounded "terrible" and quiet.