Game services Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo ran into an investigation by the British department

As the European Commission investigates regional restrictions on Steam, the Competition Authority

and markets (Competition and Markets Authority or CMA) in Britain took up subscription services.

What is known

The department became interested in Microsoft products,Sony and Nintendo. The CMA decided to look into whether companies were breaking the law, and how well refunds and subscription renewals were working. To do this, the department requested information from Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo about the terms of use of the service, and also contacted customers for comments.

“Our investigation will reveal whetherThe biggest online gaming companies with their customers, when they automatically renew their contracts, and whether people can easily cancel or get a refund. If we find that firms are not treating people fairly under consumer law, we are prepared to take action,” said CMA Director General Andrea Coscelli.

Last year already the Norwegian Consumerthe commission observed that EA, Nintendo, Sony and Valve violated EU law by not allowing goods to be returned within 14 days. As a result, PlayStation owners recently received the opportunity to return money for DLC and digital copies of the game. Microsoft also allows you to return the game, but Nintendo still won't give you money if you bought the game by mistake or don't like it.