Game Xiaomi Black Shark 2: advanced display, improved cooling system and price from $ 477

Today, just two sub-brands of Xiaomi presented their smartphones: in addition to the budget Redmi 7, a gaming debut

Black Shark 2 of the same name Black Shark division.


The case of the device is made of glass and metal. The front is a regular smartphone without cuts and holes, but with small frames around the screen. But the back panel with edges and lines of different shades with the letter S in green gives out that the gadget is designed for gamers. Representatives of the company say that when creating such forms they were inspired by racing cars.

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There are three colors to choose from: black, silver and blue.


Black Shark 2’s pride is6.39-inch Samsung AMOLED-display with Full HD + resolution and frame rate of 240 Hz. The screen responds to touch in just 43.5 ms. For comparison: the iPhone XS is 45 ms, the Samsung Galaxy S10 - 60 ms.

There is also the Magic Press technology, whichdetermines up to six levels of force pressing on the display and allows you to split the screen into two halves, reacting to the force of touch, depending on your personal settings.

In addition, there is support for DCI-P3, sRGB and HDR.

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Cooling system

Inside installed top Qualcomm processorSnapdragon 855, and to protect against overheating, a third generation liquid cooling system is provided. More precisely, it is just two systems. The first, smaller, removes heat from the power controller during charging. The second system is a cold plate filled with liquid, the area of ​​which has increased 5 times in comparison with the previous generation Black Shark. Thus, the plate occupies half of the case at once, cooling the chipset and the surrounding chips and dissipating heat over the entire surface of the case. As a result, they promise that the smartphone will not heat up above 45 degrees: the same iPhone XS and Samsung Galaxy S10 performance is much worse.

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What else

The battery capacity was increased to 4000 mAh, and a quick charge of 27 W in 5 minutes will add 30 minutes of games, and in 10 minutes a whole hour.

Front camera 20 megapixel, mainconsists of two 48 megapixel modules (f / 1.75) and 12 megapixels (f / 2.2). RAM 6, 8 or 12 GB, built-in - 128 or 256 GB. A fingerprint scanner is integrated under the screen.

Of course, there are special chips for games: On each side they added one additional antenna, so that when you hold the smartphone with both hands, the LTE and Wi-Fi antennas are not closed, so the signal level will not fall. Also, using a special mode, you can direct all power to the game by turning off background processes. In addition, there are background stereo speakers and a GamePad 3.0 gamepad, which can be used separately or you can insert a smartphone into it, getting some kind of portable set-top box.

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How much is?

The smartphone will be sold in four versions:

  • 6 + 128 GB - $ 477
  • 8 + 128 GB - $ 521
  • 8 + 256 GB - $ 566
  • 12 + 256 GB - $ 626

Pre-orders are already open, in stores Xiaomi Black Shark 2 should appear on March 22.

Razer Phone 2, Nubia Red Magic Mars, ASUS ROG Phone will become competitors of the novelty, not counting previous generations of Black Shark and Black Shark Helo.

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