Gazer TV65-US2G - the best Smart TV with a diagonal of 65 inches

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A year ago it was fashionable not to watch TV. Or rather, talk about it. But

the quarantine reality has changed a lot.The TV has again become the largest window into the world for forced couch potatoes in quarantine, that is, for almost all of us. We work, we hold video conferencing, we watch movies and TV shows, in general, we devote even more time to the screen than before. Not surprisingly, the new reality has led people to buy more TVs than before. Moreover, their prices are constantly falling, screen diagonals are growing, and TVs themselves are becoming as smart and multifunctional as computers. Taking into account the fact that a TV is not bought for a year or two (the average update period is about 10 years), and the diagonal of a TV is never too large, it makes sense to pay attention to a 65-inch model when buying. And among operating systems for TVs, give preference to Android - this is a simple and understandable system for the vast majority of users, with the largest selection of applications among competitors (in terms of the number of games available, it has no equal on the market). In addition, Android allows you to install applications not only from the brand store, which opens up additional opportunities for the buyer of such a TV.

Such, for example, is Gazer TVTV65-US2G, which now costs UAH 26,999, is just like the flagship Android smartphone. But it will delight you obviously longer and fits all of the above criteria. This is a great candidate for a purchase because besides the main parameters, it is also good in details, see why.

Design: outside and inside

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Simple, strict, neat, as it should bemodern TV. Gazer TV65-US2G will fit into any interior; it can be either installed on a horizontal surface thanks to its elegant detachable legs, or suspended on a VESA-compatible bracket. All connectors are assembled at the back so that nothing distracts you from the front. A joystick is installed on the bottom panel for easy control without a remote control.

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Gazer TV65-US2G is not only beautiful on the outside, but alsocarefully thought out from within. After all, it housed a whole computer running the Android 9 operating system. Or, if you prefer, a giant tablet stuffed with modern technologies. It is commanded by a quad-core ARM Cortex A55 processor, under which 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage are located. This is very decent by television standards. Acoustic design is provided by Dolby Audio technology and a built-in audio system with two 10W speakers for superior sound.

Screen: the magic of IPS and HDR

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Gazer TV65-US2G TV screen usesIPS technology (in-plane switching). Due to the placement of liquid crystals in one plane parallel to the screen, it allows you to achieve a wide viewing angle and high-quality color reproduction. Direct LED backlighting is currently the best way to ensure uniform illumination of the entire plane of the liquid crystal matrix. So that your eyes do not get tired even from watching movies for a long time or working behind the TV screen.

The perfect complement to such a screen is technologyTrue RGB, and of course HDR. The trend this year is high dynamic range video, already supported by a variety of streaming platforms. Gazer TV65-US2G has the most popular type of such video, HDR 10. This format uses ten bits to store color information, which allows displaying more than a billion shades.

Of course, Gazer TV65-US2G screen resolutioncomplies with UHD 4K standard. This resolution will be the reference for high quality video for many years to come, inheriting the tradition of the previous "gold standard" FullHD.

Connections: by wire and without

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For communication with the outside world, Gazer TV65-US2Gthere are many means. Two network adapters are provided at once: wireless Wi-Fi (2.4 and 5 GHz) and classic Ethernet, so you can connect your TV directly to the router and watch streaming video, read your favorite sites from the big screen, or just scroll through social media feeds. Built-in Bluetooth expands your TV even further: connect wireless headphones, a keyboard or gamepad. Or all this at once and a remote control with voice control in addition. Although some things still have to be connected with wires. For example, signal sources like cable tuners or computers. To do this, at your service as many as three HDMI 2.0 connectors. This set is complemented by two USB ports, to which you can connect a USB flash drive or an external hard drive with your video collection.

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What to watch: cable, satellite or stream

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Buying Gazer TV65-US2G, you can immediatelysave on tuners and subscription fees. The TV is equipped with two built-in tuners: T2 terrestrial tuners for free viewing of local digital channels and S2 satellite tuner, which supports BISS coding for popular satellites such as Astra, Amos and Hotbird. Each tuner has its own antenna input. If you need to connect a decoder as a separate device, you can use the compact CI connector on the back of the TV.

However, in the modern world where there is Internet,tuners fade into the background. Smart TV gives its owner access to the limitless world of online broadcasts and digital content. There are many popular services and applications to access them, and all of them are available on Gazer TV65-US2G thanks to the universal Android 9 platform. Both the Google Play Market and its own App Store with a hundred selected applications operate here). The developers made sure that you immediately have such popular treasures of video content as Megogo, Divan TV and Twich at your fingertips, but you can independently install applications of any online cinemas available on Android. However, for many, the main application on the home screen is YouTube. It is already installed in our TV, so right after connecting the device you can log into your account and enjoy your favorite videos on a 65-inch screen.

Branded chips

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Gazer engineers worked hard to ensure thatprovide the TV65-US2G with a range of not only convenient but also spectacular functions. The key to them is the Gazer TV application, available for smartphones on both iOS and Android. By installing it, you turn your smartphone into an advanced TV remote control. Use it to control the cursor on the TV screen, both with buttons or with your finger, and the movements of the device itself in the mode of the gimbal. Scroll through lists with two fingers, enter text using the keyboard, or watch a gallery of pictures from your smartphone on the TV.

Moreover, it is possible to completelyduplicate a TV screen on a smartphone, and vice versa - broadcast an image from your mobile device to a large TV screen. The first function will turn your smartphone or tablet into a portable copy of the TV that you can take with you when you go out into the next room. Well, the second will allow the audience to demonstrate content from a smartphone on a huge 65-inch screen.

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A special help in work will be the voice control function, with which you can enter text much faster when searching for content or in everyday work.

You can buy this and other Gazer TVs from authorized partners, among which there are all the largest retail chains in Ukraine.

Main technical characteristics of Gazer TV65-US2G TV

65 ″ (139 cm) IPS Ultra HD 4K (3840x2160) 16: 9 aspect ratio Direct LED backlight

Dimensions (without stand)

1455 × 833 (138) x61 mm

Dimensions (with stand)

1455x888x24 mm

20.4 kg with stand


Android version
9.0 Pie

4 Core A55 64 bit

2 GB RAM + 16 GB storage

dual-band Wi-Fi 802.11ac 2 × 2 Dual Band (2.4 and 5 GHz), Bluetooth 4.0

HDMI 2.0 x 3, USB 2.0 x 2, Ethernet, AV, VGA, Line in, Toslink, CI, 3.5mm headphone jack, S2 and T2 antenna inputs.

2 x 10 W, Dolby Audio

Remote control
Bluetooth support and microphone for voice commands (optional)

Technology support

VESA mount
200 x 100

UAH 26 999