Gears 5 on smartphone: Android users can now play games on Xbox One

Sony has already taken away and returned to gamers the ability to stream games from consoles to smartphones. Now

and Microsoft took on the implementation of this feature.

What is known

Xbox Console Streaming works according to the principleRemote Play, allowing you to broadcast images from the set-top box to your smartphone screen via Wi-Fi. For now, the feature is working in test mode and only members of the Xbox Insider program can try it out, but a global release is just around the corner.

If you are one of these lucky ones, thenTo launch Xbox Console Streaming, you will need a device running Android version 6 or higher. In addition, the program will require Bluetooth 4.0 to connect an Xbox One controller. As for the network connection, for normal broadcast operation you will need a bandwidth of at least 4.75 Mbit/s with a network latency of no more than 125 ms.