Gears Pop, a card strategy with Gears of War heroes, has been released on Android and iOS

The Gears of War series has finally made it beyond the Xbox and PC, receiving the first mobile game in the franchise.


Microsoft announced Gears Pop back at E3 2019.announcing that the game would be released on Android and iOS, but gamers only found out the exact date two weeks ago. Now the project has reached mobile devices and is available for free download on Google Play and the App Store.

Gears Pop is reminiscent of Clash Royale, multiplayercard game from Supercell. Players will have to collect heroes from the Gears of War universe and form a team of them based on their playstyle and strategy. Battles take place online between two real players, whose task is to capture points and destroy enemy towers. Players are also given “spells” with which they can use to damage the enemy or his army.