GeForce Now: Nvidia Cloud Gaming Review

You have a weak computer, laptop or tablet, but you really want to enjoy really top gaming games

AAA category projects.Is this really possible without purchasing a powerful processor, video card and a large amount of RAM for $100 or more? In fact, yes, and this method is called cloud gaming, which today is becoming available to everyone with Internet access.

Computer technology inincluding computer games, are developing very quickly. How long have we been sitting on cartridges, then on DVD, and then all switched to digital media and libraries? Now the purchased game will not be brought to disk, you just download it to your computer, and it’s really more convenient. But now we have the opportunity to not download or install anything at all, we can buy the game process itself. At the same time, powerful hardware is not needed for this, because we buy the game process together with the machine, on which we will play remotely. What kind of animal is this - cloud gaming, how good and profitable is it?

What to eat with

So, when you play any game, thenthe computing power of your computer is used, the steeper your hardware, the more demanding games you will go. And if the iron is weak, then how? Here comes cloud gaming, which provides these computing power to you remotely, and along with the game, even the most demanding one. All the load is transferred to a server or a very powerful computer. It turns out that you remotely control a high-performance computer, and it is on it that you play the best modern game. The whole gameplay is broadcast on your screen, this is the only thing that you should have more or less high-quality, but not necessary. Theoretically, everything is fine, but how in real conditions?

How to connect

GeForce NOW service began to offer its servicesrelatively recently, and its main feature, as well as its advantage, is the fact that the service is provided by the NVIDIA company, which presented us with the most powerful gaming video cards. To join the cloud gaming, you need to visit the company's website and register an account, and it is better to use a new email, which is not yet featured in any Nvidia services.

After registration, select the appropriate tariffplan. If you just want to try, then take a free trial period for two weeks. To do this, you will need to attach a bank card to your account in order to eliminate doubts that you are a regular freeloader with several email addresses. If you want a little longer, then the initial version is 999 rubles per month, and you get full access to all games for 30 days.

How to run games

To run the games you need to downloadA special utility that is already configured on the desired servers. After downloading and activation, log in to the application. The utility will automatically scan and evaluate the parameters of your Internet at startup, which will be used to configure the broadcast settings of the game process. This is necessary so that your picture is smooth.

Attention!At the moment, the servers are located in the capital, so Muscovites will have higher speeds and lower delays.

The program itself is quite simple, functional, likeon the stripped-down GeForce Experience. The main page displays a library of games, there is also a settings icon in the corner. Settings are mainly devoted to broadcast quality; there are several modes:

  1. Balanced.
  2. Economical.
  3. Productive.
  4. Customizable.

If you choose economical, then the broadcast will beconfigure with the expectation of saving Internet traffic, if for performance, delays will be reduced, and in custom or user settings you can manually edit the settings.

Important!GeForce NOW only works with those games that are presented in the library; if you don’t find something, it means that there is no support for that particular game yet, you need to choose something else.

Several games were tested, and for a couple of hundredkilometers from the capital. It was expected that the delays would be a few seconds, but in fact it turned out that everything was too exaggerated. Of course, she was, but there was nothing critical for a comfortable game. Half a second felt, and when measured it turned out to be 120 milliseconds at all, which is very good. With such delays and speeds in games, auto-tuning automatically appears with the latest fashionable technologies - ray tracing.

What is noteworthy is the video card, which is for usgrind everything, RTXT10 8, what kind of accelerator it is, it is unclear, but the ultra-settings eats easily in heavy games. Most likely, these are exclusive video cards that the company produces specifically for cloud gaming, and does not deliver to the consumer market. What to say in terms of power - just powerful! In 4K with ultra-settings in AAA titles did not fall below 30 frames. The picture was broadcast to us perfect.

Which computer is right for you?

In fact, any computer will do, judging bymeasurements, the resources of even the office machine are used by 10 percent, that is, they are needed only to play streaming video, no more. The test laptop for office programs looked like a real gaming monster, he had never seen such games. The screen is quite decent, the picture turned out beautiful.


So, the main question is whether to play this,Is it really possible to feel the most demanding games on any laptop? Yes! The service really works, and corresponds to what is stated, and if the servers are not very far away, then the comfort of the game is acceptable, and this is for experienced players. For beginners, everything will be just magical. And a thousand a month for the coolest games, the passage of which can then be discussed with the owners of gaming systems for many thousands of dollars - a very low price. Moreover, one single game in the usual version for yourself to buy costs 4 thousand rubles, this is if you have a gaming computer.