Geologists studied impact diamonds from the Popigai field. They were formed as a result of a meteorite strike on the Earth!

As a scientific object, scientists chose impact diamonds that formed on the border of Yakutia and

These diamonds were discovered for another 50 yearsHowever, they were not properly analyzed due to the complexity and heterogeneity of the material.

SFU scientists in the international teamthey were the first in the world to study the structural features, mechanical properties and stability of lonsdale-containing phases of impact diamonds from the Popigai field located on the border of Yakutia and the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

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Classic diamonds are formed at a temperature of at least 1 thousand degrees Celsius at high pressure. Impact diamonds are produced at much higher temperatures and pressures.

Most of the samples of the Popigai diamondsThe deposits contain a high proportion of lonsdaleite — an allotropic modification of carbon formed due to the effect of high pressures and temperatures at the time of the explosion, and having a hexagonal lattice.


Cosmic diamonds have virtually nojewelry values, because they have a dull green color. In addition, they cannot be used in optoelectronics, because in such materials it is difficult to control the electronic properties, however, their mechanical properties and density will allow several times to increase productivity in industrial areas related to machining or drilling.