Geozon G-Smart Sprint: a review of the smart middle between watches and bracelets

A new type of electronic devices, wearables, appeared quite recently, but has already managed to win the hearts of many

Now it is rare to meet a person on the street with an ordinary watch on his wrist, it will definitely beEspecially in the morning, when jogging, only smartwatches and fitness trackers.In general, the market is largely divided between these categories: on the one hand, these are smartwatches of fashion brands, on the other hand, inexpensive fitness trackers.Geozon's G-Smart Sprint device is a compromise of sorts.

Security management

The dimensions of smart watches are almost always large,and not because a lot of electronics needs to fit in the case, just the display should be large enough for something to be visible, and so that it can be easily controlled. At the same time, the watch weighs very little and is protected by IP65, that is, it can easily withstand a shower trip. It’s just not worth swimming in the pool, water under pressure can penetrate inside. The silicone strap is all covered with holes - it facilitates and ventilates at the same time. It is standard, so replacing it with another is not difficult.

The display here has a diagonal in inch, resolutionIPS matrix 240x240, the dials look realistic at this resolution, pixels are not visible if you do not look at them through a magnifying glass. The watch does not have the Always-on function, but it saves energy, the viewing angles are wide, the brightness reserve is enough for sunny weather.

The gadget is controlled standardly via touchdisplay, menu is quite logical, intuitive. But you still need to get used to it, especially for those who buy smart watches for the first time. The dials can be changed, there are six different themes in the kit, the wallpaper and menu design are also changing. You will also have to deal with physical buttons, there is no single algorithm.


The watch has a cellular module, you caninstall the sim card. Accordingly, G-Smart is able to receive calls, SMS, make calls and send text messages. Ordinary calls go well, the quality of communication and sound is normal, the interlocutor is also perfectly audible, the microphones and speakers have learned how to do it. The watch can make an excellent Bluetooth headset, all the logs and settings that were on the SIM card are pulled from the smartphone without any problems when pairing via Bluetooth.

No chance to oversleep

Operating here is adapted adaptedself-developed, so you can forget about application directories. However, native applications are enough to unleash the potential of the watch, there is a normal alarm clock, and there is a tricky camera control remotely. If the alarm clock or notifications are charged, the watch will not let you miss them, the sound is loud, there is vibration that shakes quite a lot, so you won’t oversleep and miss the notification.

What is being tracked

G-Smart supports several types of activity: jogging, both outdoors and in the hall, cycling, trekking or mountain climbing and marathon races or walks. For the street, there is a GPS module, when setting up applications, you need to specify the most accurate information (weight, height, etc.). If the amplitude is low, the sensors may not count this as a step. But here is a sensor that reads the rhythms of the heart, always on the watch, he counts for sure. You can set your heart rate test to continuous. After training, the results should be saved. Then they arrive on a smartphone in a proprietary application, everything is added up and tables and graphs are made.


Battery life is greatly affected by battery life.the heart rate monitor works, if it is continuous, then the clock lives for three days, if only by request, then a week is easy. When a critical charge level is reached, the watch turns off all additional functions, leaving only the chronometer’s functionality, that is, the watch itself. And in this state, they will work half a day until they are completely turned off or recharged. Proprietary charging (company profile), it takes about two hours to fully recover.

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