Geralt is bored: "The Witcher: The Nightmare of the Wolf" from Netflix will talk about the young Vesemir

Last week, Netflix pleased with the announcement of the cartoon The Witcher: The Nightmare of the Wolf. Judging by the name, gamers

decided that they would be told about Geralt’s adventures, but the scriptwriters decided to concentrate on another character.

What is known

Fandom noticed that on the official site of Netflixa description of the series appeared. The administration has already managed to remove the details from the project page, but the screenshot remembers everything. Judging by the description, the main character of the picture will not be Geralt, but his mentor Vesemir, whom gamers remember from Witcher 3 and Sapkovsky’s books.

“Long before Vesemir became a mentorGeralt, he sets off on his own journey as a witcher when the mysterious Deglan takes him by the Law of Unexpectedness, ”the description says.

Who will voice Vesemir is still unknown, but the fansfrom all social networks they shout that they want to see Mark Hamill in this role. Last month, he said that he did not know this character, but agreed to play it. After the project’s show runner, Lauren Hissrich published a meaningful emoji with eyes, which only more excited the fans.

Recall that the production of an animated filmStudio Mir will work on Voltron: Legendary Defende, Young Justice: Outsiders and The Legend of Korra. The plot will be answered by Bo DeMaillot, who worked on the Marvel comics on the Moon Knight.

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