Get ready for Hitman 3: IO Interactive will turn the series into a trilogy and is already working on a new game

Hitman 2 will receive a sequel, and the developers plan to turn the series into a new trilogy.

What is known

In a documentary about the fall and rebirthIO Interactive studio CEO Hakan Abrak stated that “Hitman is a trilogy with a bright future.” Judging by the developers' vision, all three parts of the restart will become a single game, which will combine levels from Hitman 1, Hitman 2 and Hitman 3.

"As for Assassin's World, when are we done withhim, then it will be one game with all the locations, starting from Paris in Hitman 1 to the last location in Hitman 3, that’s more than 20 locations. Then we can create the grand journey experience that we are trying to achieve,” the CEO said.

At the same time, the host of the “documentary”, whoand conducted an interview with the developers, said that the studio may have already begun work on a new part. While the bulk of the division in Copenhagen is working on content for Hitman 2, a small team is working on a new secret game.

“We're still independent, we see a future with new projects, potentially new IP (intellectual property) that we could work on,” Abrak said.