Get Smart Bracelet transmits sound over the bones

We are all accustomed to the fact that the phone is a device with a microphone and speaker. The first to speak, the second,

to hear what the other person is sayingthe end of the "wire". And always the sound of the conversation is heard by others, unless, of course, do not use the headset, however, we often put the smartphone on speakerphone when it is necessary and when it is inappropriate. But so that without a headset, and so that you do not hear what you are told, this has not happened. Yes, the call itself is also heard, even if it is just a vibrating alert. And sometimes you want complete privacy.

Personal communicator

Italian incubator specialists innovatorsTurin Polytechnic launched a new project called Get. They released a device with the same name, which is based on the idea of ​​an ordinary smart bracelet. This device is positioned as an alternative to the individual communicator. They solved the main problems and eliminated the disadvantages of modern smart bracelets and other wearable gadgets. At the same time, the project is not a handicraft on the knee, since the device has already received about fifty awards from various organizations for design, engineering and for innovative technologies. At the moment, the team is collecting money for the launch of mass production of the commodity version of the device.

More than a bracelet

So, Get device looks like normalsmart bracelet, but its functionality is much broader. At the same time, the novelty does not demonstrate the presence of any physical controls, there is also no touch display, there are no connectors, and there are no vulnerabilities at all. The bracelet is not afraid of drops, dust and water, and can dive ten meters without consequences. Autonomy with intensive use is five days. There is a fingerprint scanner for authentication of the owner.

Managed by Get with gestures, for whichthe deed API is used, and it is completely open source software. Any developer or user can use it to invent their own gestures in order to develop their own sets of commands for teaching Get. You can also post your options or download ready-made commands and instructions. The smart bracelet is fully compatible with all popular third-party services, such as Google Assistant, as well as Alexa, Cortana, Siri, but Alice is not there.

Bones sound

But the most interesting feature of this braceletlies in his feedback. The fact is that the device transmits all sounds to the user through a special channel protected from listening - the user's bones. This sound except the owner Get no one will hear. Vibrations are immediately transmitted to the bones in the inner ear, bypassing the eardrum, you just have to put your finger on your own ear. As for the sound quality, it is quite acceptable. Of course, it’s not very convenient to listen to music in this way, but in a conversation all the words are very distinct, even the timbre of the voices is preserved. However, even listening to music on the sly from others is also fun.

The price tag of such a bracelet will start at $ 124, and it is not yet known whether various modifications with additional functions will be offered. The start of sales is planned for the beginning of spring.