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Wireless headphones are one of the mainstream today. And do not miss the opportunity to buy

such things at a good discount. It’s not at all necessary to spend a ton of money on buying expensive “apple” headphones. There are cool alternatives - for example, Xiaomi Mi Airdots.

Xiaomi was able to quickly win lovecustomers thanks to the production of cool products at a low price. Xiaomi Mi Airdots Outbred Headphones is another real-life example. To sparkle in your ears with fashionable “gags” and listen to quality music, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Take Xiaomi Mi Airdots on AliExpress and use the coupon that is already on the page - the price will turn out ridiculous - 1989 rubles with copecks. Deliver fast.

And what do you get for this money?

Well, firstly, a trendy trend accessory,which will win you over with its style and usability. Secondly, all the most needed advanced features that can only be "stuffed" with wireless headphones.


  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • type: channel
  • dynamic driver φ7.2 mm
  • each earphone has a 40 mAh battery - 4 hours of operation (if 1 earphone works, then 5 hours)
  • the case has a 350 mAh battery (2 charging headsets and 12 hours of battery life)
  • each earphone weighs 4.2 grams
  • true stereo sound
  • no aptX support

Xiaomi Mi Airdots Wireless Headphones Alreadymanaged to perfectly prove themselves. There is no problem with playing music; according to numerous customer reviews, they work quite smoothly and stably. Many such accessories do not always sit comfortably in the ears, but not these. They are really comfortably placed in the ear, do not burden and perfectly isolate the noise.

Another equally important indicator is time.battery life. It is pretty good here. 4 hours you can calmly listen to music and not worry. And then we use the charging case to extend the pleasure up to 12 hours.

What else is special about these headphones? Of course, convenient touch controls. With one touch, you can pause music or answer an incoming call. Two “tapas” will call a voice assistant; if you need to cancel the call, just hold for 1 second. If the earphone is pulled out of the ear, music playback is automatically paused. Headphones are also connected very quickly if you have previously paired with your phone.

Xiaomi AirDots TWS also supportInteraction with Xiao AI Assistant. So, with the help of a virtual helper, you can even run various tasks on your smartphone without being near it.

In my opinion, it is definitely worth treating yourself to such a useful and stylish accessory. Especially on the eve of the holidays!