Getting ready for the new academic year without panic and unnecessary expenses together with ASUS

The new school year, like the calendar year, usually comes very unexpectedly. In addition, it requires certain

preparations that can burden your wallet. How to choose the most necessary accessories for preparing a schoolchild or student for learning and at the same time not overpaying - we will figure it out today together with ASUS.

Given the quarantine realities and the constantbalancing regular and remote learning, the first thing to take care of is a good webcam to actively participate in online learning. ASUS Webcam C3 is ideal for this task - it has wide-angle lenses, two directional microphones for clear voice transmission and filtering out external noise, and is also extremely convenient to use.

Regardless of what your child uses -stationary PC or laptop, he will need some peripherals. Without headphones, his online training may interfere with your work from home, or you may simply not share your musical preferences. Therefore, a small, comfortable headphone model. You can choose the most portable solution for more than just home use - the ROG Cetra II Earbuds with Active Noise Canceling and comfortable, ergonomic ear cushions. Or take a model for home use, for example, the TUF Gaming H3 WL, which, in addition to the convenience of wireless connection, can offer a lightweight design that is comfortable for long-term use, reliable materials and a discreet appearance.

Another must-have for comfortable work is a mouseand a rug for her. And if with the second everything is much easier, you take the compact water-repellent surface of TUF Gaming P1 and you have no problems, then with the choice of the mouse it is more and more difficult. It is important that the child is comfortable to hold it in his hands in order to avoid tunnel syndrome in the wrist. And, just like with headphones, wireless connectivity is always an advantage as it reduces the creative clutter that tends to be on the desk of school and college students, so the ROG Keris WL and ROG Gladius III WL will be a lifesaver.

A comfortable keyboard is a mustPC application for study. If the task before her is exclusively working - you can choose the most discreet and reliable model TUF Gaming K3 with a wrist rest for maximum comfort. A more gaming solution would be the ultra-compact ROG Falcion or the premium ROG Claymore II.

The most versatile monitor solutionwill become VP249QGR or VG248QG models. They are compact and well suited for organizing a workplace in a nursery or in a dormitory, have an excellent matrix and a set of ASUS Eye Care technologies to protect eyesight during prolonged use of the monitor. Also, these models have something to surprise their fans with a little distraction from their studies and play - the matrices here are fast, with a high refresh rate, and in addition have a bunch of proprietary technologies to improve the gaming experience. The most interesting from the point of view of the latter will be the TUF Gaming VG27AQ monitor, which will be able to satisfy the requirements of the most demanding gamers.

If your child is interested in working withPhotoshop, shoots and edits blogs, or studies as an architect or designer, then he just needs a high-quality monitor that will meet professional requirements. At the same time, you can find an inexpensive solution here - the compact model PA248QV at a reasonable price has all the advantages of ProArt monitors: 100% sRGB coverage, international Calman Verified certification, confirming high calibration accuracy, as well as an extended 5-year warranty.

Not the most obvious thing, which nonethelesssignificantly affects the preparation of homework using online resources, or the online learning process is a reliable Internet. And it's not just the provider's package, but also your own router. The compact stylish ZenWiFi XD6 mesh system can be the ideal solution for a large apartment, which will easily create a stable, seamless coating throughout the apartment.

And here is a more interesting solution for organizingthe ROG Strix GS-AX3000 and TUF-AX5400 models can become networks for combining work and play. They have in their arsenal a number of additional technologies to prioritize game traffic and ensure connection security.

Of course, the choice of what exactly is in the workplacethe child needs updating is always individual, the main thing is to take care of everything in advance and create the most comfortable conditions for work and study with pleasure.