Getty Images will not sell AI-generated images

Stock image service Getty Images has banned the posting and sale of images that were created by

neural networks.

What is known

Getty Images has joined FurAffinity,PurplePort and Newgrounds, which have also introduced similar restrictions in the past. The ban includes images that were created using the Stable Diffusion, DALL-E or Midjourney tools.

Getty Images CEO Craig Peters(Craig Peters) said that the introduction of restrictions is a preventive measure in order to exclude the possibility of copyright infringement. So far, the stock image service has not encountered such problems. But the site takes preventive measures to avoid possible reputational losses.

For those who are not in the know

Neural networks for creating your own imageslearn from existing jobs. These can be stock photos, news, artist social media pages, or pre-existing artwork. It is assumed that artificial intelligence works may contain elements of well-known images, which may be fraught with copyright infringement.

Image: How To Geek