Ghost Recon Breakpoint disappointed Ubisoft and now the game is facing major changes

Ghost Recon Breakpoint received mixed reviews from players and the press, but there were more people dissatisfied with the game, which

affected sales.In its latest financial report, Ubisoft even lowered its profit expectations and postponed the releases of planned AAA projects. The company will spend its free time on finalizing the games, and Ghost Recon Breakpoint is first in line.

What is known

Ubisoft spoke about plans to improve itstactical shooter with an open world. In the blog, the company named the key points that the development team will focus on. Firstly, Ubisoft will continue to improve the technical part, and in mid-November players will receive another patch that will affect drones, missions and shooting speed.

Secondly, the developers will improve the economyBreakpoint. Ubisoft went overboard with in-game purchases and Ghost Recon fans didn't like it. Now the developers are “tuning” based on player feedback.

The third important change will be the addition"computer companions" AI teammates helped players in Wildlands, but in Breakpoint, gamers fight the enemy either alone or in the company of live players. At E3 2019, Ubisoft announced that AI companions would return, but that the developers needed more time.

Ubisoft will also work on “freedom of choice.”The developers noticed that the players liked the survival mechanics, but the connection to the equipment level was not particularly important. According to Ubisoft, the key feature of Ghost Recon is “a serious and authentic military experience,” so the developers began working on a more serious and exciting version of Breakpoint.

You will learn about the pros and cons of Ghost Recon Breakpoint in our review of the game.