Ghosts have to go back to Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Ubisoft Launches the First in a Series Raid Project Titan

Despite the failed launch, Ubisoft did not abandon the Ghost Recon Breakpoint and announced the first tactical raid


What to prepare for

"Project" Titan "" - the first raid in the history of the seriesfor four players. The action will unfold on the island of Golem - a new territory off the coast of Auroa. The territory was captured by the Red Wolves to reprogram the AI ​​to create a new model of combat drones. Ghosts have to collect information to find these developments, and deal with a new threat.

According to Ubisoft, to pass the raid, playersfour bosses will have to be destroyed: Baal, KKS core, Kargul and Cerberus. The developers promise unique mechanics for each final opponent, so the fighters will have to act tactically and harmoniously.

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To gain access to the Project "Titan" "you must form a team of four players with equipment levels above 150. For completing the task, players will receive valuable trophies and equipment. In addition, every week, developers will update the content, providing players with new tasks, opponents and rewards. At the beginning of 2020, the raid will receive easy and heroic difficulties.

The raid on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC starts at 22:00 Kiev time, along with the volcanic eruption, which players can watch. In the "Project" Titan "" will be able to play and users of Stadia.

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