Gigabyte AORUS CV27Q: gaming monitor 165 hertz

Most newcomers to the gaming industry, when choosing a monitor, pay attention to the diagonal, design and

price tagAn experienced player immediately looks at the type of matrix, refresh rate, and response time. Taiwanese computer manufacturer Gigabyte presented an excellent version of the AORUS CV27Q gaming monitor, which maintains a frequency of 165 hertz, QHD or 1440p resolution, and it is also beautifully concave.

What is more important in games

What do the figures of frequency 165 hertz and time mean?1 millisecond response? These are very important parameters in games - the quality of the picture in battles during a quick change of scenes, as well as an instant reaction to game events. If the first parameter can be solved or corrected by replacing the graphics accelerator with a more efficient one, then the second one cannot be solved like this, since no matter how many frames the video accelerator produces, if the monitor is not able to show this, then, as they say, its powers are over. Conventional monitors have a frequency of 60 hertz, and this is not enough in fast shooters, when there are fractions of a second after the explosion for aiming and reaction. The advantages are for the player whose monitor displays as many frames per second as possible, because in a second a lot of events can occur in the game, and everything needs to be seen and reacted.

This parameter is constantly growing, relativelyrecently it was cool to have a monitor of 90 hertz, then 120, now 144, as well as 165 hertz. And there are also top-end ones, which give out 300 hertz. The response parameter is also very important, since it directly affects the smoothness of dynamic scenes. If the game moves quickly, then with a large response artifacts, loops appear, the matrix simply does not have time to respond and switch pixels. And when the opponent moves quickly, leaves sharp zigzags, then aiming at him is very difficult.

If in normal operating conditions these parametersare not noticed, then in the game all these small delays strongly affect the whole gameplay. AORUS CV27Q has received excellent parameters even for professional cybersportsmen. At the same time, the monitor produces 165 hertz at a resolution of QHD or 1440p. This is now over the eyes, and for a few more years, when a computer appears at home that can produce so many fps in heavy games at 1440p.

Fashionable curvature

The monitor panel is concave, the curvature is1500R True, at 27 inches, the curvature does not very much exert advantages, but with 34 or more pluses are already more noticeable. But the point here is the peculiarities of vision, a gamer look at the monitor with two eyes, the distance between which is ten centimeters between them, and what is the width of the monitor? That is, the edges of the monitor become a kind of blind zone, and to fix this, these edges began to bend, thereby reducing the distance to the eyes. It’s easier to notice with peripheral vision what is happening around, on the edge of the game card. Viewing angles * VA-matrix are excellent, but still the edges of the frame fade a little, this concavity corrects this problem.


The body assembly is almost perfect, no squeakclearances, backlash. The stand is also solid, holds the table very well, despite the fact that it does not look bulky. You will not need a screwdriver to assemble the monitor, everything is installed in a few seconds, it is also quickly disassembled. Usually gaming solutions sin excessive aggressiveness in design, all sorts of bright inserts, a lot of backlighting, often inappropriate, but here the picture is different, manufacturers have a sense of proportion. Of course, there is a backlight (color), but it is installed at the back, and its intensity is low, it is visible only in the dark. The front panel has a more restrained design, the player will not distract anything from the gameplay.

Of the connectors there are two HDMI ports of the secondgenerations, Display Port, two USB, mini-jak and a microphone port. Unfortunately, USB-C was not delivered. Settings are made using the compact joystick on the right side of the bottom edge. The menu is rich, the settings are flexible, but you have to get used to it a bit, the interface does not fight for the title intuitively.

In general, the monitor showed itself as optimalthe choice for an active gamer, shooters that are included in sports will look great on it, and the curvature will allow you to fully enjoy the graphics in the game, even at the back of the map.

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