Glimpsed AirPower

AirPower is a rather complex product for Apple.Being announced back in 2017 at the presentation of the iPhone X,

The device still has not appeared on sale (a year and a half later). At one time, the company even cleaned up almost all mentions of the device on its website.

But yesterday resource specialistsMacrumorsFound an image of wireless charging on the updated AirPods page. In the wilds of CSS tables:

Could this mean that the company will finally present it at the upcoming March 25 event? Or, as in the last week, quietly add a page with AirPower to the site?

What is AirPower?

Wireless charging in their current form is not ideal. Usually, they can be used to charge only one device, and in a clearly marked place.

AirPower, in turn, is designed to change a littleThe very concept of wireless charging. The essence of the concept is to not throw the phone on the stand without looking. And next to it there are headphones, a watch or any gadget with Qi-standard support - and all devices will safely be charged at one station, regardless of where they fall.

To make this possible, engineersplaced "under the hood" a significant number of induction coils. But, according to rumors, faced with the problem - overheating, which spoils the battery devices.

Perhaps in the lab companies were able to overcome this problem. In this case, the launch of the sale should be not far off.

What can the appearance of AirPower mean?

For starters, this is a new product. And with it he brings new technology. This is not so much a revolution as evolution.

Needless to say, like all Apple devices, the stationwill be dear. And of course, many Chinese companies will rush to create "their AirPower", but for all - that is, with a lower price tag. So the competition will appear.

How further development can be imaginedfor example, built-in countertops coils. Thus, the most common table can become one big platform for wireless charging. And everything, there are no wires in the workplace: the keyboard, the mouse, the telephone and other devices simply do not need them - you give a wireless future!