Global leak: new chips in iOS 13

As you know, the release of iOS 13 will be held at the Worldwide Developers Conference in early June. Updated

mobile platform will receive a number of innovations, owhich will be known only at the presentation. However, now we can discuss several new chips, which, according to the developer Steve Troton-Smith, will be exactly in the updated firmware. So, that's what we should expect in iOS 13.

Black theme, Dark Mode, dark mode ... It doesn't matteras it is called, the main thing is that this long-awaited feature will finally be implemented in the mobile firmware. You can activate the mode in Settings, as well as disable it.

We can also count on improvement.multitasking on the iPad, including support for multiple windows. Each window can contain several sheets, which are initially attached to a part of the screen, but can be disconnected with a drag gesture, turning into a card that can be freely moved. These cards can also be stacked on top of one another, or removed.

Also, you can please in iOS 13 new HUD. The volume indicator is finally reworked, and it will not be as intrusive as the current one.

The iPad will also add a new gesture forcancellation of the entered text except the current gesture of shaking. According to the leakage, the new gesture will be a three-finger tap on the keyboard area, and then users can move left or right to undo and redo the actions interactively.

Plus, iOS 13 is scheduled to introduce additionalgestures that allow you to select multiple items in the tables. They will work just like clicking and dragging in the Finder on a Mac. Safari on an iPad on iOS 13 will automatically request a version of desktop websites when needed, and Mail will organize messages into searchable categories, such as marketing, shopping, traveling, “not important,” and so on. D. It is also reported that the new mail application will receive the function "read later."

Other new features includeability to manage fonts in iOS 13 through the Settings application. The Reminder application will be enhanced, improvements will be made to the Hi, Siri function, improved multilingual keyboard support and dictation, as well as advanced printing controls in the application. Here, perhaps, so far everything that we know.