Global leak of Apple plans and updates for 2019

Popular insider Ming Shi Kuo always predicts Apple's future plans with almost accuracy. Exactly

that's why they always listen to him.This time the expert has a whole portion of tasty information about the upcoming new products that the apple corporation is preparing for us this year. The analyst learned what to expect from Apple in 2019 from his trusted sources and shared the details with us.

iPhone 2019

This year the company will follow the same path andwill release three new iPhone models at once. The new generation of smartphones will receive the same body design, the same display size and even the same cutouts in the display. That is, we will see a 5.8-inch iPhone XIS, a 6.5-inch iPhone XIS Max, and a 6.1-inch second-generation iPhone Xr. The analyst does not confirm rumors about an OLED display; accordingly, the next iPhone Xr will also come with an LCD display, and the OLED display will remain an exclusive feature for premium iPhones.

The manufacturer also plans to usefrosted glass case. Apparently it's something similar with the Pixel 3/3XL. We can count on improvements to the Face ID function, increased battery life, and the introduction of reverse “two-way” wireless charging.

iPhone XIS and XIS Max will also receive triplemain camera. The third camera will be ToF (Time of Flight), it can very accurately determine 3D space. The Lightning port, according to Ming Shi Kuo, will remain in smartphones for another year, although there have long been rumors about the use of a USB-C port in the line of smartphones. Not this year! Among other improvements, the expert points to ultra-wideband antennas.


Apple Corporation is going to modernizeversion of the 9.7-inch iPad to a 10.5-inch display, the design will likely also be changed. LG Display is likely to take on the display business. The home button will be eliminated on the new tablet. iPad mini 4 will also be updated. A new chipset will be integrated to replace the Apple A8 processor.

Apple Watch

This year, the company will release the fifth generation of watches, although, to be honest, I have not observed any obvious and critical changes during this time.

Apple Watch Series 5 will receive a new ceramic case, the ECG function will be distributed in other countries now, and not only in the United States. New chips will be added, but the analyst has not said anything about them yet.


The mobile community is actively waiting for Apple's releaseAirPods 2. It is known that new wireless headphones will be released in the first half of 2019. There is a high probability that on March 25, Apple will clarify this issue and, perhaps, immediately announce a new product.

Earlier there were rumors on the Internet that the overall designThe new generation of headphones will not change significantly, but the accessory will now also be available in black. The earbuds are also said to have an all-new coating that will improve grip in the ear, meaning the AirPods will be harder to fall out of your ears. Sound improvements are also expected.


The Mac line is also waiting in the wings, and an updateit's just around the corner. Ming-Chi Kuo says the MacBook Pro will be updated with an all-new design and will be available in 16-16.5-inch display sizes. The new version of the 13-inch MacBook Pro will receive 32 GB of RAM. The same applies to the Mac Pro. Plus Apple is about to release a stunning 31.6-inch 6K monitor with amazing sharpness.