Global leak reveals details of the iPhone 11 and iOS 13

In September, Apple will release the new iPhone 11 and launch iOS 13 for all users. Not so often, but on the web

pop up some details about innovations inA new firmware and next-generation smartphone. Today has brought some more new information that may be of interest to all those who are waiting for the next iPhone from the American company and are looking to get new chips in the operating system.

Rumors of iphone 11

It is reported that the new iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max(we do not know the exact name), as well as their previous iPhone X and XS devices, will have large AMOLED displays with a diagonal of 5.8 and 6.5 inches, respectively. The cutout on the display will still be there, unchanged, but according to the information received, Apple is preparing an updated Face ID system that will allow phone owners to use the face recognition function at wider angles than is currently possible. Previous rumors also indicated that the new security system would work at shorter distances.

Behind the new items will be different in the first placenew camera. Most likely, a third 12 megapixel sensor will be added together with a wide-angle lens, which, according to today's leaks, will maintain a viewing angle of 120 degrees. For comparison, the LG V40 ThinQ offers a smaller viewing angle by 107 degrees, and the Galaxy S10 - by 123 degrees.

There is also information that Apple is exploring the idea.adding optical image stabilization to all three rear cameras of the iPhone 11. But maybe this chip will be left for the iPhone 5G, which will be presented in 2020. And the models of this year, most likely, will receive optical image stabilization on the main and telephoto lens, like the iPhone XS.

It is also reported that the manufacturer is preparing moreperfect LED flash, which will become noticeably brighter and will be able to illuminate even more, but it will not change in size. Plus, Apple will try to reduce the thickness of the protruding camera from behind, which creates a slight imbalance if the phone is face up on the table.

As for the program part, here it is knownonly that Apple plans to improve the results of photography by software. Moreover, the implementation will be much better than Google, Samsung or Huawei.

As you can see, a portion of rumors revealed a lot of details.about the future flagship, but that's not all. Apple will introduce a new matte-like coating on its premium iPhone 11 models. In addition, the frame will be less shiny stainless steel on the Space Gray model, plus the improved stereo speakers with a clearer and louder sound.

iOS 13

On the new iPhone 11, the new software iOS 13 will also be installed. Most of the new features in the firmware have been voiced earlier. We can only say about what has not yet been said.

As for the long-awaited dark mode,which will finally come to the mobile platform, it is reportedly focused mainly on dark gray colors and will not include the deep black colors of AMOLED, as previously assumed. They say that Apple will also facilitate its implementation in third-party applications.

An upgraded version of Siri will support moreadvanced support for multiple teams, plus significant improvements in overall understanding and small improvements in contextual understanding. And finally, you should expect intelligent control of RAM, which will learn from the user's habits and pre-load applications to speed up iOS.