Global smartphone sales fell, sales of Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi, on the contrary, increased

The consulting company Gartner published the results of a study of the global smartphone market in the second

financial quarter. Despite the pressure of sanctions, Chinese manufacturers continue to increase market share, while others are beginning to sag.

In numbers

In total, in the period from April to June there was367.9 million units sold, down 1.7% from the same period last year. The demand for smartphones in the flagship segment has decreased the most. Experts attribute this to the fact that manufacturers have begun to better equip mid- and budget-class models. For example, frameless displays, multi-lens cameras and capacious batteries used to be more typical of flagships.

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Leading position from 20.Samsung occupies 4% of the market share, and the Chinese company Huawei is catching up with it, increasing 2.5% compared to the last quarter. Apple's losses are most noticeable - Cupertino sold 6,193 fewer devices. Xiaomi is breathing down their neck, which has slightly increased its sales. If things continue like this, Apple will no longer be in the top 3 list.

China remains the largest consumer, accounting for at least 101 million units sold.