GlobalLogic Embedded Starter Kit: Ukraine's first system for teaching students robotics

GlobalLogic company during the presentation at the National University "Lviv Polytechnic" showed

the first Embedded Starter Kit system for teaching students how to design robots.

What is it like

The Embedded Starter Kit has a screenMany sensors, communication interfaces, a controller and other details necessary to create smart devices. The system will help students design mechanisms and program them to perform various tasks. Future scientists will be able, for example, to create a robot that will water the flowers, measure humidity, air temperature and display data on the screen.

Thanks to the Embedded Starter Kit at universitiesa modern material and technical base will appear for improving practical skills. It will be easier for students to develop projects both alone and working in a team. The leader of the Lviv GlobalLogic division, Denis Balatsko, declares:

“We provided for the student to be underhand with all the necessary components for experiments in the field of C / Embedded, companies are acutely aware of the gap between the level of education and the development of the IT industry, so we are especially interested in such training systems. And for students it is an opportunity to broaden their horizons and acquire knowledge that will be needed in the future to participate in commercial projects. ”

The system was developed within six months and in the near future GlobalLogic will present it to all partner universities.